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History HB-RSC

Built at Burbank with the construction number 4175  , it was delivered on November 1. 1955, to the Military Air Transport Services (MATS), it was phase out of active USAF service in 1962, going to the Mississipi Air National Guard’s (ANG) 183rd Air Transport Squadron. It was quite common for aircraft to be transferred between different ANG units. Next stop was the 167th Aeromedical Transport Squadron of the West Virginia ANG.

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History L-1049


Designed and built by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to the specification of the legendary Howard Hughes, the Constellation, the world's first commercially successful pressurized airliner, heralded a new post-war era of safe, comfortable and fast transatlantic air travel. This graceful looking aircraft with its long sinuous fuselage - curving downward at the nose and upward at the rear to its distinctive tripletail, became synonymous with the halcyon days of the big Propliners and is still widely regarded with awe and affection.

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