Super Constellation Flyers Association

Flight Dispatch

MarkMorgenthaler 150

Mark Morgenthaler

Flight Planning
Rapperswil, Switzerland

Studied Aerospace Engineering and the ETH Zurich and since 2010 flight instructor for private pilots. Responsible in the SCFA for the filing of flight plans and obtaining the NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) and weather information. As the son of the former president Urs Morgenthaler has long been an enthusiastic supporter member.

Marcel Tschudin 2

Marcel Tschudin

Flight Dispatching & Ground Operations
Riehen, Switzerland

Association member since July 2002. Important participation in the organization of the landing of the Super Connie on Mai 8, 2004 in Basel. Afterwards dispatch of flights in Basel and since 2012 also responsible for the flight planning. In 1965 start of the professional career in the airline business with Balair (dispatch & deployment). 1970 flight-dispatcher license with Lufthansa in Frankfurt. Following several management positions with airlines change to the head office of Danzas AG in Basel (today DHL Global Forwarding). 1996 switch to DFS (LVMH Group) and responsible for the supply chain Europa and Asia. Since February 2011 retired.

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