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Breiti NOV2017

Hans «Breiti» Breitenmoser

St. Margarethen, Switzerland

Association member since 2015. In 1981, Hans "Breiti" Breitenmoser completed military pilot training and then joined the surveillance squadron, and flew as a military pilot on Hawker Hunter, Tiger F-5, and Mirage III RS aircraft. Hans also worked as a military flight instructor on the P-3, PC-7, Vampire, and Hunter. In addition, he was a qualified pilot on the PC-6 "Turbo Porter". In 1988, "Breiti" attended SLS (Swiss Aviation School), and joined Swissair's pilot roster in 1989. Even after his transition to civilian aviation, he continued flying for the military on the Mirage III RS, and the DO27. Hans Breitenmoser spent many years flying for Swissair as a Co-Pilot and Instructor on the MD80 and A310. He then got a job as an A310 Captain, flying for Balair, and began working as an Instructor on B757/767. After the Swissair grounding Hans began working for Swiss Airlines. He was a Captain on the A320, and he continues to fly at Swiss as a Captain on the A330/340. In his free time, Breiti enjoys flying the JU52, DC-3, Beech 18 and Bücker Jungmann. His childhood dream came true when he began flying the "Super Connie" in 2016.

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Ernst Frei www

Frei Ernst

Operations Director
Meilen, Switzerland

Associate member and Operations Director since the beginning of the Connie story. Near picture perfect career at Swissair. After completion of his initial training and checkout at age 23, the youngest First Officer on the DC9-32. Continued his professional development in the DC9-51, as well as DC8, upgraded to Captain in the DC9-51 at age 31, completed transition training to the MD-81, the B-747 'Jumbo-Jet', and finally the MD-11. Was a route and simulator check pilot on MD-81 and B-747 for 18 years. At age 54, career came to a halt due to the grounding of the airline. Early retirement offered by Swissair. Experienced the highlight of his aviation career when completing transition training to the Connie in 2003. Hopes to keep 'his' aircraft flying for many years to come.

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Harlacher NOV2017

Rolf Harlacher

Maintenance Director
Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

Association member since 2017. Electronic Engineer trained by Swissair to IERA- mechanic (Instruments, Electro, Radio and Automatics). Since 1977 Flight Engineer for several airlines on HS-660 Argosy and DC-8. From 1990 Flight Engineer B-747 Jumbo Jet with Lufthansa. Additionally Instructor and Examiner for Flight Engineers, with regular checks as Instructor/Examiner or Flight Engineer on a B-747-Simulator in Dubai or London, still working as Flight Engineer transferring B-747.

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www.monika Pieren

Monika Pieren

Marketing & Sponsoring Director  
Herrliberg, Switzerland

Association member since 2017. Monika Pieren has been an association member since 2017. From 1989 until 2017, she worked for Breitling SA in Grenchen. She started her career in sales, and then worked as a special representative for 14 years. From 2011 until her departure in 2017, she was Breitling’s  “Aviation Department Executive Director”. Her responsibilities included the support of Breitling’s involvement in various aviation related activities. The watch maker Breitling was the SCFA’s main sponsor.

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upn www

Urs Peter Naef

Public Relations & Communications Director
Flurlingen, Switzerland

Association member since 2015. UP Naef, was elected to the Board in November 2015. Until his retirement he was media spokesman and director of external communications in the Migros Cooperative Society (2002-2014). Previously, up to the Grounding in 2001, he was media spokesman for Swissair and responsible for crisis ommunication. UP lives near the Rheinfall and since 2015 he's been working as an independent communication consultant and media trainer.

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Peter Manzoni www

Peter Manzoni

Finance Director
Basel, Switzerland

Co-founder member of the SCFA and Association member, member of the Board 2000-2012 and again since 2015. Peter Manzoni has a great deal of experience in management and accountancy; he is president of the Board of directors and chairman of the management board of the E. Kalt AG company in Basel and Gümlingen/BE.

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Marko Mrkonjic www

Marko Mrkonjic

Central Services Director
Basel, Switzerland

As active supporter member within the SCFA since 2008. An absolute “greenhorn” in the flying area. In 2003 integrated into the project „Super Constellation“ by Peter Manzoni. Today he is in charge of Central Services. Marko has been working in the accounts department of the E. Kalt AG company in Basel since July 2002. From 2016 he has a new position as an authorized representative in accountancy.

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