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Donations and Sponsoring for the European Super Constellation Project

The SUPER CONSTELLATION FLYERS ASSOCIATION (SCFA) is an association of unlimited duration registered in the register of trade in Basel, Switzerland. Objectives of the Association are the acquisition and preservation of a Lockheed Super Constellation L-1049 and to carry out show- and passenger flights with the aircraft on a non-commercial basis. SCFA is a non-profit making organization. Members and the committee work honorary and unpaid. Membership fees are used exclusively for restoration, maintenance and operation of the Super Constellation and the administration of the association.

To finance this unique project we need additional donations and sponsors. Your contribution helps keeping an epochal aircraft and milestone in the history of civil aviation alive for our children.

With a
donation you support the unique project with a small or larger amount.
Super Constellaltion Flyers Association welcomes donations:

In any currency:
By bank transfer to the “Super Constellation Flyers Association” account no. 292-544910.01U at UBS Bank, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland.

Or by cheque, labelled to the attention of the “Super Constellation Flyers Association”, P.O. Box 436, 4009 Basel, Switzerland.

The important media coverage expected with the arrival of the airplane, as well the dream image that it carries, makes it a very high quality product for sponsoring. Different sponsoring plans are available. Your financial support could be used for specific work such as the paint of the aircraft, the restoration of the passenger’s cabin, for special events, etc. For more details, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With your help we will keep flying the most beautiful civil airliner in the european skies.

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