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As most of you will know, the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation has become an almost extinct species in today's skies that are flocked by Boeings and Airbuses. The Super Constellation like no other passenger aircraft epitomizes the era of the 50s when big piston engined aircraft still reigned the sky and up to the present day the Super Constellation remains unparalleled for its elegance and shapeliness. At one time it was even dubbed "Queen of the Atlantic" when more Constellations crossed the big water between North America and Europe than any other aircraft.

For some time now nostalgic airplanes like the legendary Douglas DC-3, the DC-4 and even the DC-6 have re-appeared on many European airports and countless admirers, young and old, have cherished the resurrection of these big propliners. However, not a single Super Constellation has been cruising the European skies for more than 25 years! Now the project of the SCFA offers the unique chance that this beautiful and elegant airliner can be seen in Europe anew and that the roar of its four Wright-Cyclone R-3350s will again reverberate in the vicinity of many an airport small or big.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal we need your support. Many a good idea was born, but unless enthusiasts like you follow it up it is doomed to fail.


Behind this unique and wonderful project you find men and women with various professions:

  • Mechanics
  • Craftsmen
  • Travel and transport specialists
  • Retired people
  • House wifes
  • Computer specialists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Airline managers
  • Airline pilots
  • Flight and ground engineers
  • Cabin attendants

…and many other aviation and propliner enthusiasts…


The SUPER CONSTELLATION FLYERS ASSOCIATION will base its Super Constellation at the EuroAirport of Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.

The airport of Basel, bordering to France and Germany, is located on the crossroads of Europe. Easy to reach by road and public transportation, it allows volunteers and members of the SCFA to commute to Basel from anywhere in Europe.

What was done

HI-583CT in the Dominican Republic was the only and last airworthy Super Constellation commercially registered in the world. But she needed some repairs and a full systems check. A FAA certified engineer and Constellation specialist supervised the 2 months maintenance in Santo Domingo. Still in Santo Domingo the necessary paper work for her registration in the US register was completed and the aircraft received the new registration N105CF. On November 7, 2000 the Constellation was flown under the new registration to Opa Locka (Miami) in the USA.

In Florida the maintenance work continued. During the first days of January 2001 the Super Constellation was flown in a ferry flight to Marana Northwest Regional Airport at Avra Valley, Arizona. Here the actual restoration and preparation work for the ferry flight to Basel is carried out.

Restoration and maintenance work started with the help of the MATS Connie team and the association’s volunteers. Despite the hard work, N105CF did not receive the “Standard airworthiness certificate” which is necessary to carry passengers. The decision was taken to stop all the work on the Connie and to look for an alternative which will allow the Connie project to continue.

In Spring 2003, negotiations with the owner of the “Camarillo Connie” took place and an agreement was found for a lease/purchase of N73544 (one of the last 4 Connies still flying in the world).

At the end of April / beginning of May 2004 the ferry flight took place and we flew in 6 legs from , to , .

Since then we visitied various airshows in and abroad to the delight of thousands of people.

As mentioned above we look for members, donators and sponsors to continue our project as long as possible. At the same time the Executive Committee of our Association will inform and invite members and/or guests to fly onboard our Connie for the events that we intend to participate)

"In the end, the only people who fail are those who don't try."

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