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4th May 2004: Prestwick

We spent Monday cleaning and tidying up the Super Constellation, performing maintenance and welcoming visitors. More than 250 people have visited the aircraft in the last 24 hours. A small donation (two pounds) is asked of every visitor not already a member of the association. This is not negligible when one considers that thousands of people will visit the aircraft each year.

The flight from Prestwick to le Bourget has been delayed until Thursday 6th May due to the weather forecasts which contain icing conditions throughout . We will take off at 11am local time and land at Le Bourget at 3pm local time.

The Super Constellation will not unfortunately be available for visits by the public at Le Bourget. The reason is that we have reserved the aircraft for our sponsors, the media and invited officials. We must also clean and prepare the aircraft for its arrival in Basle which is planned for Saturday 8th May at 11am local time.

However, the Super Constellation will be visiting Paris le Bourget again on Saturday 29th May and Sunday 30th May. We will arrive at 11am and depart on Sunday around 5pm. The aircraft can be visited during this Pentecost weekend at the of and Space, with the exception of 2 sorties of 45 minutes on each of Saturday and Sunday afternoon (when we will make a fly past at the air show of La Ferté Alais).

The media is becoming more and more interested in the project. Swiss Television are onboard with us and the trip will be the subject of a report on the TSR (Swiss-Romand Television) news at 7:30pm this Thursday 6th and Thursday 7th. The program « 10-on-10 » of the Swiss-German Television will also will also carry a report on Thursday 7th. The French television channel TF1 will accompany us from Prestwick to Basle via and are planning a report during the 1pm news on Thursday. The Swiss-Romand Television program « Zig Zag Cafe » is planning two programs of 1 hour each on 26th and 27th May. Amongst written media, numerous papers and magazines have or will publish articles. We will inform you of when we get confirmation of program times or of articles about the project.

We are always pleased to read your messages left in or guest-book. These are printed each day and read by the crew and members travelling on the Super Constealltion.

With our best wishes.

Text : Partick Danalet
Translation :
Antony Simmins

Will Lipscomb ( in Manchester:

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