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May 3rd 2004: Prestwick

On the 28th of April 1948, Air opened its first Constellation transatlantic flight. 4 days after this anniversary, we are ready for takeoff in Stephenville, at 6:30 AM.  « N73544, cleared for takeoff » ! Jerry advanced the throttles and the engines fired huge flames out of the 12 power recovery turbines. It is the first time that we takeoff so early (before sunrise) and it allows us to observe these impressive flames. The aircraft is at maximum takeoff weight. We carry nearly 25000 litres of fuel, allowing us to fly over 13 hours.

We leave behind and see soon a beautiful frozen sea and icebergs. Our cruising altitude of 2700 meters allows us to see each detail.

Many pilots flying over the at the same time contact us to say hello or to give us recent weather updates.

We will land in Paris le Bourget Wednesday the 5th of May, at about 3 PM. The airplane will be parked at the Air and where it could be seen. We will takeoff again Saturday the 8th of May at about 9h30 AM to fly to , arriving at 11h00 for the reception.

With our best regards,

Texte : Patrick Danalet

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