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28th April 2004: Omaha (Nebraska) - Manchester (New Hampshire)

We start the engines at 9am local with a huge cloud of smoke. This is normal and is due to the residual oil that has accumulated in the engines overnight. We realise that engine number 4 is leaking oil and so we stop the engine and our mechanic Carlos Gomez goes to check it. Luckily, it was only some residual oil that was being blown out.

We takeoff and take an easterly heading, climbing to our cruising altitude of 7500 feet or 2200 metres. The view is spectacular at this altitude and we can see nearly all the details on the ground. Our cruising speed reaches 250 Kts or 450 Kph. We overfly Chicago and Cleveland before setting course towards the Niagara falls. We get the clearance to descend to about 2500 feet ground or 700 meters and circle this marvel of nature. We try to imagine the surprise of the visitors to the Falls as they see a Connie overflying them.

We then set course direct to Manchester and climb back to our cruising altitude. Our flight lasted 5h40.

The temperature in the cabin is fine and did not decrease below 12 degrees Celsius.

Many Connie fans welcome us on arrival in Manchester.

We will takeoff for Stephenville (Newfoundland, Canada) on Thursday at 11am local time (5pm Swiss time, 3 pm GMT). The flight will last about 3h30. The report will be published on the website on the 30th April.

We are very pleased to see your many messages in the guestbook.

With our best regards.

Text :Patrick Danalet

Translation : Antony Simmins.

Ralph M. Pettersen in Camarillo:

Christopher Van Veen in Manchester:

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