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The Connie will fly again in 2018

Due to technical problems the Super Constellation was grounded last year.

Since the entire 2017 flying season had to be cancelled, we took the opportunity to team up with experts and FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) representatives in order to take a thorough look at the "Star of Switzerland". The result of this inspection revealed that an additional 2 Million CHF were needed to get our Super Connie back in the air. Knowing that not only funds but also a positive outlook were needed, board members proposed the continuation of our project to the SCFA Association Assembly.
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Photos: Uwe Stohrer

The owners approved the proposal submitted by the board, and we began the process of raising funds among Connie enthusiasts. We were also able to secure a 6 month hangar spot offered by Swiss Airlines which provided ideal conditions to tackle the various maintenance issues that needed to be addressed.

Unfortunately, in spite of our efforts, 2018 will not be a regular flying season, as our maintenance team is faced with continued technical challenges. We are confident to meet and overcome these obstacles with the support of our experts and specialists.
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A date has not yet been set for the beginning of the 2018 flying season; we are optimistic that maintenance and repair intervals will be completed this summer which will allow for FOCA mandated test and proving runs to be conducted. Upon successful completion, pilots and flight engineers will be able to start their re-qualification training and complete their check rides.

The 2018 flying season is expected to commence promptly after our flight crews are finished with their training.
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We have all been anticipating the end of this extended dry spell, hoping that maintenance will be able to pick up the pace and tasks will be completed sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, however, the tempo is dictated by the findings of various inspections. We are hopeful that, once these thorough inspections are completed, and challenges are addressed, our Connie will be in great shape, preventing her from being grounded for extended periods of time in the future. Taking care of issues that have been discovered now will help ensure the L-1049's continued operation for summers to come.
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Maintenance will become more regular and involve smaller tasks, which will help reduce maintenance costs in the future.

This also means that the FOCA will issue a long anticipated "permit to fly" which will allow the "Star of Switzerland" to soar the European skies and bring joy to Connie supporters, Associate members, and many aviation and Connie enthusiasts alike, for many years to come.

We are very grateful for your support, your trust, and your patience.


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