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Super Connie not on display at the Zurich Airport Event

DSC Heller Hangar

In spite of a 20-month maintenance period, the Super Constellation will not be ready to taxi out of the hangar and into its designated parking space on September 1/2 as part of the Zurich airport days. The aircraft remains on stands with only the nose gear and left main gear attached, both of which have been completely overhauled. On the right side, a temporary gear has been attached which can only be maneuvered in a limited way. Additionally, only the left two engines are mounted to the aircraft, which leaves the Connie stuck in the hangar.

DC3 neu

Instead of our Super Connie, Francisco Agullo will show his «Aero Passsion» DC-3.

The SCFA is disappointed and regrets to be the bearer of bad news for many vintage aviation enthusiasts who have been looking forward to this event. We are saddened that members of the SCFA/Maintenance team were unsuccessful in finishing the necessary tasks in order to ready the Super Connie for her big event next month.

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