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The new SCFA Shop had a successful weekend at the July 1 Schupfart air show. The design of the shop vehicle exterior will be next on our list of projects to tackle.

 Schupfart 2018 1
The trailer attaches to the shop vehicle and can easily be brought to any event

Schupfart 2018 2
The new SCFA vehicule and shop trailer - a reason to look on the bright side of the 2017 storms in Dijon.

Schupfart 2018 3.lpg

Welcome to the new Connie Shop
Schupfart 2018 4
Our Shop- a gem among the other shop tents...

Schupfart 2018 5 attracts various interested aviation enthusiasts...

Schupfart 2018 6
...alleviates sales conversations...

Schupfart 2018 7
...particularly delighted the female shop team members

Schupfart 2018 8
The glass sales counter allows for the display of our smaller items

Schupfart 2018 9
Thanks to the wonderful interior design work by Mario Hochwimmer we are able to offer a better overview of larger items available

Schupfart 2018 10
Our inventory is now well organized and presented

Schupfart 2018 11
The side panel of the new shop vehicle folds up to provide shade and a sheltered place to talk

Schupfart 2018 12
The Swiss «Classic Formation» - a DC-3 in formation with three Beech 18 aircraft

Schupfart 2018 13
Although our SCFA Shop team made an appearance we are saddened that the Super Constellation was not able to partake in the formation flight

Schupfart 2018 14
While the female shop team members were busy making sales transactions, the men enjoyed a break taking in some of the flight performances

Schupfart 2018 15
Schupfart 2018 16
One of the Beech 18 aircraft was piloted by none other than SCFA President, Hans «Breiti» Breitenmoser

Schupfart 2018 17
At the end of the air show, the shop inventory is carefully packed up and put away

Schupfart 2018 18
The shop vehicle is closed up and ready for departure

Schupfart 2018 19
We hope to see you at the «StansAIRhorn-fly-by» on August 4th, or at the «DO-Days» in Friedrichshafen on August 11th-12th

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