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Dear fans of vintage aircraft, dear Connie and Ju enthusiasts,

As you may have read in recent aviation news, the Lufthansa committee has decided to halt their «Starliner» project. There are plans to disassemble the aircraft and have the parts transported to Germany. According to experts, separating the wings from the fuselage will render the aircraft permanently unairworthy,  which means that the Lockheed Constellations only purpose would be to be displayed in a museum.

After 10 years of restoration efforts at a hangar at Auburn-Lewiston airport in Maine (USA), this project is facing discontinuation just one year prior to completion, and against the advice of various experts in the field of vintage aviation. The Connie Survivors Association is convinced that it is worth the time and effort to invest in finishing this project in order to restore the «Starliner» back to its airworthy glory.

In the hours following the launch of the campaign, more than 2000 aviation enthusiasts have signed «Support this petition to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr convincing him to complete the restoration of the Lufthansa Super Connie in Auburn, Maine».

If you are interested in signing this petition and supporting Lufthansa's «Starliner» restoration project, please click here:

For those interested in finding out more about this project, here is a list of several articles concerning the «Starline» restoration.

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