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The Connie will fly again in 2018

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, the assembly of Connie owners approved the plans and decisions made by the SCFA board members, and unanimously voted in favor of all requests presented by the board. The 2016/2017 annual report as well as the 2016/2017 annual financial statement were approved and authorized; additionally, the 2017/2018 budgetary plans were also authorized. The association assembly has herby laid the foundation for a thorough inspection of our «Grand Old Lady» during the coming winter months which will help get the Connie back to an airworthy status by the spring. If all goes well, we expect the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) to sign off on our work, and issue a «permit to fly» to HB-RSC.

New SCFA board members
The SCFA board has to seek replacements for three of its members who announced their premature retirement; Markus Weishaupt (President), Arnold «Noldi» Freund (Director of Maintenance), and Rainer B Sauder (Director of Marketing and Sponsoring). The following new members have been appointed (from left); Hans “Breiti” Breitenmoser (President), Rolf Harlacher (Director of Maintenance), and Monika Pierlen (Director of Marketing and Sponsoring).

new VS 1 25NOV17

With the addition of the above members, the board will once again be complete. Ernst Frei (Director of Operations) and Urs Peter Naef (Director of Public Relations and Communications). The panel is completed by the extended board members, Peter Manzoni (Director of Finances) and Marko Mrkonjic (Director of General Services).

Our team of Maintenance volunteers and specialists is once again complete and eager to get started on the work required in order to receive the “permit to fly” in the spring of 2018. Thanks to the generous support of “Swiss Airlines”, the Super Constellation will be allotted its own space in the Maintenance hangar for 6 months at concessionary terms.

Over the past weeks and months, we have once again experienced the incredible support and generosity of our Super Constellation community. To date, donations and monetary confirmations totaling CHF 1.1 Million. In spite of these monumental efforts which we are incredibly thankful for, our association is still in need of an additional CHF 1 Million in order to complete all the necessary maintenance inspections and repairs. Every Franc, Euro, or Dollar counts, no amount is too small (for additional information please refer to our article, «Save the Connie-Donations»)

Additional information regarding the Association Assembly, required maintenance tasks, and information regarding the new board members will be disseminated via our SuperLetter 2/2017 in December.

Fly, Connie, fly !


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