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Information about the latest developments as of the beginning of September

Green light - our project will continue

Approximately one month has passed since we provided the latest updates on our project, and the current situation. Since our last letter, there have been several changes for the better. Read the full report

Update on the flap link rods
The newly constructed parts were installed over the course of the last few weeks. Final adjustments and sign off by the Swiss federal office of civil aviation are still pending.

Landing gear- fixing fire damage
In the coming days, installation of 8 new brakes will be completed. New tires have been mounted onto the aircrafts' rims; certification is still outstanding.

Technical inspection results and recommendations
The inspection is executed by AeroFem and Kälin Aircraftstructure. The two companies have provided a list of parts that are required to be inspected by the end of April 2018; repairs of the parts will need to be done as necessary if parts are found to be faulty, or do not meet operating standards:

LH & RH wing
LH & RH main gear removal
Nose gear removal
Engine # 1, 2, 3, 4 engine mount structure (engine removal if necessary)
LH & RH aileron control pulleys- removal required
Elevator control pulleys- removal required
LH & RH flap operating mechanism hardware

The work derailed on the above list will result in approximately 10'000-11'000 man-hours.

The boats estimates the repair and maintenance costs to be CHF 2'000'000. As of the publication of this letter, we have been able to raise CHF 962'397.30 (this amount includes loans). If we all work together, we are confident that we will find a way to come up with the remainder of the funds needed.

Along with our maintenance team as well as several industry experts whose services were solicited, we have devised a plan of action for the 2017/18 maintenance period. The to-do list is extensive, but we remain confident that we the goal we set can be met with the help and support of all of our volunteers. This statement is based on the information we have today. If the inspection of various individual components reveals larger areas of concern, the situation will need to be reassessed.

Green means go!
In a series of intensive decision making processes at the end of August and beginning of September, the members of the board have reached the conclusion that it is possible to save the Connie. We believe the chances of seeing our Super Constellation fly again in the summer of 2018 are quite good. It is our goal to start the 2018 season with the Connie's first flight on 1 May.

Unfortunately, the end of 2017 will mark the termination of our long lasting sponsorship agreement with our main sponsor, Breitling. As a result of new goals and strategy developments on their part, Breitling has decided not to renew their sponsorship support of the Super Constellation Flyers Association in 2018. The members of the board deeply regret this decision; we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Breitling, however, for years of successful collaboration. This challenges the SCFA to find new sponsors and donators. As always, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and your support.

In other news
The last six months have been incredibly taxing on the board of the association. As a result, three of its members have announced their retirement, one year earlier than anticipated, due to health reasons; Arnold Freund (who also serves as the director of maintenance), Rainer Sauder, as well as Markus Weishaupt will leave their respective positions at the end of November 2017.

Lastly, I would like to once again share with you the account information for donations. You also have the option to donate your flight credit. A sincere thank you to everyone who has already contributed to our project, and thank you in advance to those who are planning to make a donation.

Account information for donations in CHF                                ... for donations in EUR                                   ...for donations in US-$

Account               PostFinance AG, CH-3030 Bern                        PostFinance AG, CH-3030 Bern                        UBS Switerland AG, CH-4002 Basel
Owner                 Super Constellation Flyers Association              Super Constellation Flyers Association              Super Constellation Flyers Association  
Titled                   «Connie Fly» CHF                                              «Connie Fly» EUR                                              «Connie Fly»
IBAN                    CH42 0900 0000 4167 5930 8                           CH09 0900 0000 9188 6565 8                           CH98 0029 2292 5449 1060 V
Account-Nr.          41-675930-8                                                       91-886565-8                                                       292-544910.60V
BIC                      POFICHBEXXX                                                   POFICHBEXXX                                                  UBSWCHZH80A

With kind regards from the members of the board,

Markus Weishaupt

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