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Following is an outline of tasks that have been completed in the last few months

The production of the new flap link rods was completed, and our mechanics have installed the new rods on the wings. The damage to the gear which was caused by a gear fire will not be repaired until the end of August, possibly the beginning of September. The certification of the new wheel rims is still outstanding. As a result, it is unlikely that the Connie will fly again this summer season. Now that the corrosion inspection program has been completed, we will take advantage of the extra time available to conduct an additional, thorough inspection of the aircraft. This process was started in July by a team of experts, and is ongoing. We expect to receive some preliminary information on the results of the inspection this month.

Finances have been our biggest challenge these last few months
Typically we use funds gained by conducting flights during the summer season to invest in winter maintenance and repairs and inspections. This year, we have not had the ability to do so, as the Super Constellation has been grounded, and unable to fly. Thanks to the continued generous support of our main sponsor, Breitling, along with the help of our faithful members, we have been able to keep our heads above the water thus far. However, October marks the beginning of our routine maintenance interval period. In summary, we will have to get by without funds generated by Connie flights, and also come up with the financial means necessary for the general upkeep and maintenance of a vintage airliner. The total finances requires amount to approximately CHF 1,5-2 Million. Unfortunately, using this years' membership fees will be inevitable, and we will need to rely on your membership contributions again in the summer of 2018.

What will happen, if we will not be able to raise the funds necessary in the coming months?
We will sadly have to put a halt to our project, and make preparations to sell the Super Constellation, or, perhaps relocate it. We have been saving as much as we possibly can, but unfortunately, saving alone will not be enough to keep us going. We depend on your support, every donation counts, and will be greatly appreciated. At the bottom of this letter, you will find the bank account information for donations to the SCFA project.

What's next?
The repairs which have been started will be completed, and the certification process of the wheels should be finished in the coming weeks. The preliminary outcome reports provided by the team of experts will reveal which aircraft areas will require additional attention. In the meantime, we will continue to do everything in our power to raise funds to help save the Connie. But, we have a long way to go. In order to get closer to our fundraising goals, we have planned three major events which are listed below:

  • On September 23 (rain date September 30), an event is scheduled at Zürich's Kloten airport
  • A bus trip to the German city of Dresden is planned for October 20-22, 2017.
  • On October 29, we have organized a get together, "Smoke and steam to help save the Connie"

Detailed information on each event will be disseminated at a later date via email, and will also be published on our website. Bookings can be made as usual via our website or email (phone reservations will be limited to special circumstances). These events will be open to the public- no SCFA membership necessary.

Most importantly, we will continue to make plans for the 2018 flying season. We are determined to put in our best efforts in order to get our "Grand Old Lady" back into the air next summer.

I extend my sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported us in the past, and to everyone who will continue to do so in the future.

With kind regards,

Markus Weishaupt

Check out our new facebook-group «Save our Connie, the Breitling Super Constellation».


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