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SCFA / Membership description

In order to meet our ambitious goal we are asking for your support.

If you would like to be part of this unique project, you may join the Super Constellation Flyers Organization as a Supporter (Member).

Membership is open to natural as well as legal people. When joining as an organization only one natural person per year can take advantage of the events offered by the association; the membership identification card is personal and needs to be presented, for example when ordering souvenir articles at a discount of 25% or prior to boarding for a member/guest flight.

Membership contribution per calendar year*:

  • Standard Membership  CHF 120 (EURO 120)
  • Youth Membership        CHF  50 (EURO 50)
    (if member will not turn
    18 during that calendar

Membership contributions for 3 calendar years:

  • 3-Year-Membership     CHF 320 (EURO 320)

Members will be kept up to date on the latest events by the „Super Consteallation News“. This includes events and airshows for the Super Connie Fans and Supporters.

According to swiss certification, our Connie is not a commercial aircraft; therefore only SCFA members/guests are permitted to fly on board the Super Constellation when invited by the Executive Committee. In addition, membership has to begin at least 30 days prior to the physical participation on a flight, according to the Swiss Aviation Administration (FOCA).

Becoming a SCFA member has many advantages:

  • According to the rules above, you may be invited by the Executive Committee to join us on board the Super Constellation HB-RSC
  • You will receive the „Super Constellation News“ on a regular basis. This includes additional and more detailed information in regards to maintenance, technical details, historic facts, interviews etc.
  • Take 25% off articles from the souvenir shop (videos, pins, t-shirts, stickers, postcards etc)
  • You will receive a SCFA membership card, which entitles you to free visits of the Super Connie at airshows.
  • Attendance invitations at SCFA events.
  • Be proud to be a member of an association which flies and maintains the most beautiful commercial aircraft ever built.

Please review the SUPER CONSTELLATION FLYERS ASSOCIATION by-laws carefully.

* Membership will be extended through the next calendar year without additional costs if the membership application takes place at a time where flying on board the Connie cannot be permitted due to the regulatory 30 day Swiss Aviation Administration (FOCA) clause (see above).

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