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(May 4th, 2008) Why does it take so long until I receive the confirmation/invoice for a flight booking?
Especially at the beginning of a flight season many members book at the same time. During such moments our one-man-administration must put emphasis on flight invoices/reservation confirmations that take place in the nearest future. Only afterwards he can confirm flights that take place at later dates. The flight confirmation with check-in and other details will be sent to you anyway at the earliest 2 weeks before your flight date. If you make your reservation online through our internet, you will receive a first confirmation within a couple of minutes by e-mail. On written, combox and e-mail reservations we will react at once only when your flight is already full or we had to put you on the waiting list.

I have tried to contact you by phone but there was no answer
Depending on the season we get so many calls that we just cannot respond to each one. However, we will always call back if you leave your voice mail. Please restrict your phone calls to the administration to urgent cases. Whenever possible send us an e-mail.

What is the duration of my membership?
Your membership lasts always from Jan 1 to Dec 31, and will be extended automatically upon receipt of your fee payment.

Can I order a gift membership or donate a flight to somebody?
Yes, you may do this if you click our website under the pull-down menu “SCFA > membership” >”membership as a gift”. Under “remarks” you can order a flight as a gift for the would-be member. This flight will be registered in the new member’s “flight account” upon receipt of your total payment. We need 7 working days to process your order as we can issue the member certificate only after having received your membership payment.

Is there a minimum time to give notice if I want to terminate my membership?
No, but once you have paid your yearly membership fee you are not entitled to full or partial refunds if you give notice during the course of a calendar year. Should we not receive any fee payment your membership will be cancelled automatically.

One member of my family is not a supporter member – can he/she still join a flight, and what else is important to know?
Every Connie passenger must have completed at least 30 days of SCFA membership before his/her first flight as our Connie is a association aircraft according to its Swiss license, which restricts it to carry association members only.

My son is a great aviation fan – can he volunteer to work on the aircraft? He would even just help cleaning.
Volunteers are always very welcome. The safety rules for all work on an aircraft, however, are very strict and demanding. Volunteer offers will be passed on to our Technical Director who will contact you.

When is your flight programme due to be published?
In April. It will be mailed to our members and put on our website. Flight fare information is available to members only.

How do I book a flight?
Flights may be booked for members only through our website under the menu „flight programme“, and must be paid by credit card or invoice. If you have no internet access you may make your booking by phone or letter. Once a flight is booked, payment must be made within 30 days, or, in case of bookings on short notice, immediately upon receipt of your confirmation/invoice. Any change of reservation will be made only at a special surcharge.

How much does a flight cost?
Prices range from CHF 230 to CHF 1.1880 depending on flight duration. E.g. a 45-minute sightseeing flight is around CHF 395.

My father will celebrate his birthday e.g. this February – where do you fly around that date?
For meteorological reasons we can fly in the summer season only (VFR, low-altitude flights). Our season is from late May to early October.

Can I book any particular seat on a Connie flight?
No. All passengers are free to move around in the cabin except during take-off and landing or in choppy weather.

Is the Connie available for charter flights?
As a rule we cannot offer any private charter flights except to our members, if all participants are SCFA members. If such a request is made, our Operations Director will decide whether we can comply and then organize the flight.

How do I get to the airport, and where can I park my car?
The same way as if you were taking a scheduled or charter flight. Check-in place and time will be stated on your flight confirmation.

Is it possible to visit the Connie on the ground?
Yes, during official “visiting hours”. (You will find details on the members’ flight programme and on our website.)

Is there a chance you will fly to XY?
The destinations of our flights are often not chosen by us, but depend on the fact that an institution or company will invite us to participate in an event and as a consequence will take care of a part of our operations cost. This enables us to offer flights at low costs to everybody.

Will the Connie now come to XY next Saturday?
We cannot answer this question in advance, as it depends on weather conditions and the technical situation.

At what time will the Connie be landing at XY?
Even this question cannot be answered in advance due to possible delays that are not within our responsibility (see above.)

Will she be coming in from the South or North or…? I would like to shoot good pictures.
Runways, approach and departure routes to/from airports are assigned by the local air traffic control on short notice.

How much longer will the Connie continue flying?
Several more years with the present Swiss registration, our inventory of spare parts, the presently good financial situation (thanks to our current sponsors) and your member support.

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