Radio and Navigation
Even if the Connie is an old airplane, there is already a lot of electronics inside. Equipment similar to that in modern airplanes.

If electronics is installed in an airplane it's called avionics... sounds better but means not more than "electronics for aviation"

The illustration on the left side corresponds not exactly to the Breitling Super Constellation, but most items do.

1 - ADF loop antenna (Automatic Direction Finder)

2 - Marker beacon antenna, receives the radio markers during approach.

3 - VHF antenna (Very High Frequency), 136-174MHz, for communication

4 - VHF antenna No.2

5 - HF antenna for long distace communication

6 - VOR antenna (VHF Omnidirectional Radio-Range)

7 - Weather radar

8 - Static dischargers

Navigators Radio Rack

In this coner behind the cockpit on the left side is most of the equipment for communication and navigation installed.

The boxes are mounted on rails to make a fast change possible and they sit on rubber shock absorbers to reduce vibrations.

In the Breitling Super Connie most of these boxes have no more function and serve only as decoration for the visitors. New devices for communication and navigation have been installed in the cockpit. But a few devices are still operational, for example the compass amplifier (23).

Almost every airplane has a different configuration in this rack, depending of the wishes of the customer. The illustration on the right side serves only as a rough overview.

1 - ADF transmitter No.1 2 - TA-18B VHF transmitter 3 - AR-144 HF receiver No.2 4 - Ash tray (!) 8 - Map holder 10 - Selector switch 11 - Navigators instrument panel 12 - Radio altitmeter indicator 15 - Speaker 16 - Volume control 17 - Intercom amplifier 19 - Emergency DC switch 20 - Radio rack main switch 22 - Lights dimmer 23 - Fluxgate compass amplifier 25 - T-47 HF Transmitter No.2 27 - Space for handbooks 28 - Mic holder 30 - Flight Path Computer Adapter Box 31 - Public address amplifier 32 - Crew intercom amplifier 34 - Space für VHF transceiver 35 - Periscopic sextant stowage 36 - ADF receiver No.2